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PINC & STEEL International was founded on the basis of developing a world-class program for cancer survivorship 

PINC & STEEL International was founded on the basis of developing a world-class program for cancer survivorship 

and we have collaborated with top experts in the oncology medical field to produce our Cancer Rehabilitation Education Programs. 


With a growing population of cancer survivors, estimated to be over 25 million by 2020, Physiotherapists have a responsibility within our profession and to the public to be able to implement standardised care, and evidence-based treatment to the patient population.

The Cancer Rehabilitation Programs developed by PINC & STEEL provide a range of services designed to look after men, women and young people recovering from any type of cancer surgery or cancer treatments. 

Our range of programs aim to help people heal as well as possible, and function at optimal levels through every stage of their treatment and recovery, incorporating individualised physiotherapy rehabilitation and exercise prescription to specialised group exercise classes. 

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Certified PINC and STEEL Physiotherapists assess each patient individually

Each patient is assessed individually for physical impairments and affects of their treatment. The Physiotherapists then work with each patient to create a rehabilitation program to suit their stage in recovery.

The sessions can include a combination of services including: Manual physiotherapy, graduated resistance training, clinical pilates, fatigue management and exercise prescription.

Pinc and Steel Physiotherapists are movement based therapists. The individualised rehabilitation programming is chronologically formatted into 4 phases. Timing of each phase is dependent upon the patients physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved, and the courses of adjuvant treatments.

Phases plus


  • Pre Op Phase – designed to help patients before  cancer surgery and involves a pre-op assessment and education to identify any factors that may affect recovery from surgery and return to work.

  • Post Op Phase – designed to assist the healing process post surgery. It  aims to restore strength and flexibility to particular joints and muscle groups that have become weak and inflexible as a result of surgery.  Includes modified exercises to maximise recovery from surgery, education and functional guidance for home and work. 

  • Adjuvant Cancer Treatment Phase – designed to improve energy levels and maintain health during cancer treatments to reduce the impact on physical functioning and overall conditioning.  It aims to help patients manage fatigue, restore post op flexibility and strength, reduce time off work, muscle wasting and functional impairment.

  • Fitness Phase – Designed to facilitate overall conditioning to increase physical stamina after treatments  completed to maximise return to work and a full and productive life.   It aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility to increase endurance, improve muscle tone and body composition.  Designed to motivate and encourage good exercise habits for life.

Our Services plus
  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Physical and functional assessments
  • Individualised Clinical Pilates
  • Fatigue management
  • Resistance training
  • Exercise prescription
Our Rehabilitation Model plus

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